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Drea Jackman

The writings, ramblings & creations of Drea.

I'm Drea, 29yr old self-confessed geekgrrl from the prettiful lands of Scotland. I've been working in internet/pc tech support full time for the last 6yrs which unfortunately for a time, I allowed to completely tear me away from the little things I loved to enjoy on the internet - and away from alot of good online friends. No more! I'm back, boom baby! Lol, I'm still into web & graphic design, still into good TV, good movies and good music - and I'm back to unleash my geekiness on the interwebs! Bwahahahaaa!

My LJ layout is from thefulcrum.

My Sites

Reality Ends Here - Personal blog currently down for a bit of work.

Fanatically - My fanlistings collective.

DreaJackman.com - Creative archive for fic, fanart, icons, walls, etc.

FandomEpic.com - Blog of fandom epicness!

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Random updates, postings, rants and other microblog stylings.
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I'm also over on Dreamwidth!

Fan Fiction

I've read alot of fanfic over the years, but I've only written in certain fandoms so far, including BTVS/Angel, Alias, Dark Angel, X-Men, Stargate SG-1, Heroes and True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries. Generally I'll write for any pairing or situation that takes my muse - same with the fic I'm willing to read, be it gen, het, slash, canon, non-canon, etc.

Pairings of the moment:

Damon/Elena - Forget Stefan, Damon's totally where it's at! ;)
Dean/Castiel - Can't help it, I've been jonesing for some Cas, esp since he's not around much this season. *sniffle* Gief Cas back naow!

Master List - All completed fic can be found listed here.

WIP - The status of all fic that's currently still a work in progress can be found detailed here.


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